Maysville Senior Center administrator Cheryl Cornett and her husband provided containers, which were bolted 

together to make a more convenient height for the gardeners to tend the plants.



The tally log of fresh produce, weight and quantity, charts the success of the volunteers who have planted, weeded, watered (some collected and brought rain water!) and used green thumbs to coax a colorful   garden out of repurposed mineral tubs for cattle.  The true winners of this friendly competition have been those fortunate diners at the DeKalb County Senior Center in Maysville who have enjoyed the fruits of their labor


With some guidance from Connie Griffith and others from the University of Missouri Extension office, they raised tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in 6 raised gardens.


The names of the plant varieties were displayed, and progress was recorded along the way.  This might become an annual event!





Adopt a Pot” Caretakers 


Idella and Bob Barton

Dixie and Ron Crider

Gary McBride

Diana Shanks

Martie Shireman

Kenny Swartz